Survivors Joy Bishara & Lydia Pogu Graduate from SEU

Joy Bishara and Lydia Pogu, survivors of the horrific Boko Haram kidnapping in Chibok, Nigeria, have inspired countless people with their story of overcoming the odds and accomplishing so much in the name of education. Several media outlets have recently interviewed these extraordinary young women about their SEU graduation this spring, and their future plans.

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What’s Next?

Lydia Pogu at graduation

Lydia Pogu with SEU President, Dr. Kent Ingle

Pogu, who earned her degree in Legal Studies, is now going to be pursuing a master’s degree in Human Services, also at SEU. Her goal is to attend law school upon completion of her master’s degree.

Joy Bishara at graduation

Joy Bishara with SEU President, Dr. Kent Ingle

Bishara’s degree, the Bachelor of Social Work, has given her the opportunity to be admitted to the Master of Social Work program at SEU. She hopes to begin a nonprofit organization to help girls and women who have been harmed by Boko Haram.

The SEU community is honored to have played a part in their success, and we are excited to see their future accomplishments.


Pictured above, from left to right: Dr. Karen Ingle (SEU Professor of Education), Joy Bishara, Lydia Pogu, and Dr. Kent Ingle (President of SEU)


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