You must be enrolled for at least six credit hours for federal loans and at least 12 credit hours for state and institutional financial aid.

Southeastern University offers numerous scholarships and grants to incoming students, in addition to grants and loans available from state and federal governments. Scholarships include those based on academic merit as well as on performance ability in areas such as the fine arts and athletics. We also have special programs available for ministry leaders and their families, both within the Assemblies of God and other denominations. To see a complete list of our available scholarships and grants, click here, and for loan information, click here.

Our code for FAFSA purposes is 001521.

Students must log in to Net Partner to check their status and complete their financial aid award process. You can access the site by clicking above on “View Your Award.” If it’s your first time logging in, you’ll need to choose “First Time User,” and then use your student ID to set up your PIN. Otherwise, use your PIN to sign in and explore your financial aid information.

Cost is an important consideration when choosing a college, and SEU is proud to be one of the most affordable universities within the national Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). More than 98% of our students receive financial aid, and our tuition ranks among the least expensive of more than 100 CCCU schools. For a breakdown of our tuition and fees for undergraduate students, click here. Information for graduate and evening/online students is available on their respective pages. We also encourage you to review information related to the “Price vs. Cost” of attending a Christian school as opposed to a state university or community college. We firmly believe the costs of not attending a Christian university outweigh the price associated with attendance.

Southeastern partners with Tuition Management Systems to offer a payment plan for school expenses in a given year. Plans are offered each semester that can be spread over 4 or 5 months, depending on the first date of payment. The plans do not charge interest, only a $50 enrollment fee each semester. For more details about payment plans, visit seu.afford.com or call 800.722.4867.

To take out student loans, sign in at studentloans.gov with your student FSA ID. Complete the student entrance counseling section, and then sign the master promissory note.

To take out parent loans, sign in at studentloans.gov with your parent FSA ID, and complete the PLUS request process. Once your credit is approved, endorse the PLUS loan in order to take out the parent loan.

A subsidized student loan offered by the government does not earn interest until after you leave or graduate from college. Neither the loan nor the interest is due until six months after you leave or graduate from college, and then the balance is divided into monthly payments over several years.

An unsubsidized student loan offered by the government earns interest as soon as the funds are applied to your account. Neither the loan nor the interest is due until six months after you leave or graduate from college, and then the balance is divided into monthly payments over several years.

Parents may be eligible (based on credit) to take out a loan to help cover the cost of their students’ education.

The interest rate depends on many factors, including the type of loan. Federal interest rate information can be found here.

This depends on the amount of your loan, its interest rate and the length of time preferred. Click here for a helpful tool in determining how long it will take you to pay back your loans.

The amount of tuition and fees covered by Florida Prepaid depends on your choice of the restricted payment option or the unrestricted payment option on the required transfer form, which you must complete and submit in order to authorize payments to be made on your account. Any balance not covered by Florida Prepaid or other sources of aid must be paid in full by its due date.

Eligibility for federal work-study is determined by your FAFSA and government institutional funding. If you qualify and funds are available, you will be notified on your financial aid award letter.

Yes, even if you do not qualify for federal work-study, you can apply for one of our more than 475 student jobs available on campus. Just by working 10 hours per week at $8.05 during 32 weeks of the school year, you could contribute over $2,000 to reducing your college costs.

This is information provided to you by the federal government to help you understand the process of taking out a loan and how loans work. For more information about student entrance counseling, click here.

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