• Business. After learning with internationally-based business leaders in Spain and Portugal, students also have the option to complete a 6-week internship in Madrid.  Our opportunities in El Salvador give practical experience in all business sectors, including nonprofit business, community development and poverty alleviation.
  • Missions. Serving with missionaries in locations such as Thailand, while also earning course credit online, is a great way to see if mission work is the right path for a student.
  • Photography. Earning course credit in photojournalism is exciting and enriching in such locations as Australia and New Zealand (these locations rotate annually).
  • Medicine. Students can study global health and take pre-med courses in a variety of countries.
  • Social work. Through the Uganda Studies Program, students can work in locations such as mental health hospitals and earn the practicum credit required for graduation.
  • Bible Lands. Traveling to study in countries such as Israel, Turkey, Greece and Italy will bring your faith to life in ways you never knew were possible.
  • Literature. What better place to learn about literature than England? This program is a book lover’s dream, and will expand your knowledge in arts, literature and so much more.
  • Language. Immersing yourself in a culture is the best possible way to learn a language. Our students who travel to Nicaragua increase their fluency in the Spanish language while gaining a rich appreciation for the traditions and customs of its people. Or you might decide to learn Arabic in Egypt or Thai in Thailand.

Wilderness Semester

  • This program, which is unique to SEU, is ideal for students who love nature. Students travel to U.S.-based locations to earn a minor in Outdoor Leadership & Discipleship. This minor teaches them leadership skills that they can apply in literally any environment. Students who complete the program also earn a Wilderness First Responder certification (first aid) and Whitewater Rafting Guide Certification.

Best Semester

  • Students who participate in domestically-based Best Semester programs are given a “leg-up” into industries that are historically difficult to begin to work in. For example, students who study music in Nashville or who study film in Los Angeles are often hired by the companies they interned for, or they establish strong industry connections that lead to jobs after graduation.

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